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The HNB Foundation is endorsed by an international network, compiled of a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia.

HNB Technical Solution

A Next Generation Decentralized Economic Community

HNB platform has many of its own innovations that adopts thecutting-edge theories, technologies from the current Blockchain initiatives and projects in the market. The uniqueness of HNB project is to establish a decen-tralized economic model based on public Blockchain.

The followings are the factors for HNB technical architecture de-sign, its business ambition and its sustainable growth.

  • Scalability: support continuous HNB community growth
  • Performance:support millions of users and concurrenttransactions
  • Security:strong security at application and infrastruc-ture level
  • One public chain for Dual-Token: HNB and HGS
  • Regulatory mechanism for HGS price stability
  • Innovative consensus mechanism
  • Supports smart contracts
  • Strong Security & Encryption
  • High Performance and scalability
HNB Architecture

HNB architecture follows a design philosophy that includes layers-based approach, modular extension, interoperability, and emphasis on performance and security. HNB technical architecture defines the structure and in-teraction of the platform services, user oriented layer, HNB public chain business functions and supporting components based on mainstream Blockchain technologies.

  • User Layer
  • Business Layer – HNB Business Services
  • Core Layer – HNB Core Blockchain
  • Infrastructure Layer
  • Cross-Layer Functions

Blockchain Development

Blockchain 3.0: HNB Standing on the shoulders of BTC and ETH, the next gen-eration of Blockchain applications are looming on the horizon. HNB economic model will embrace the latest Blockchain technologies, integrate with its own innovations, to build a next generation Blockchain based economic entity. The HNB team is confident that its solution will surpass Ethereum and become the next generation of Blockchain milestone applica-tion. HNB economic model positions itself as Blockchain 3.0 model.

  • Economic operation mechanism: Dual-Coin, Asset To-ken( HNB) and Stable Token ( HGS)
  • Community governance: HNB DAO
  • Empowered by the latest Blockchain technologies
  • Alliance with mainstream brands and merchants
  • HNB ecosystem consists of over100 millions of con-sumers and users

To gain a deep understanding on Blockchain technologyand its current status of various applications

To point out strategic trend in Blockchain applicationsand the most critical technological breakthroughs in thefield

To propose HNB’s own economic model, supportedboth by macroeconomics and monetary theories

To utilize the most advanced and mature Blockchain technologies to formulate a technical solution

Node Management

Node refers to the computer system connected to HNBBlockchain. It is a critical aspect of cryptocurrency protocols. Along with mining, unit quantity caps, and anti-double spend-ing security, nodes are playing one of the most importantroles in any cryptocurrency.

Both full node and light node areequally important. Full nodes provide the complete history and preserve it asa failsafe in case the cryptocurrency network is unavailable. Light nodes perform functions that support cryptocurrencies when the entire Blockchain history is not needed.

People whomaintain nodes, together with people who mine cryptocurren-cies provide essential services. Without them, cryptocurren-cies would not be able to function properly.

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